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The Everything Included Brokerage

The Southwest Washington Real Estate Brokerage assisting you in creating a great life and business.

Close more deals and reclaim your life at Kachevas Real Estate. Focus on clients and rapidly generate new business while your team at Kachevas Real Estate handles everything else.

How we help you grow your business:

Kachevas Real Estate LogoMarketing and Database

Total CRM management with consistent emails sent to your database keeping you top of mind. Professional headshots, custom listing signs, and business cards are all included.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoTransaction Team

Complete transaction support from start to finish including client nurturing, compliance, timeline management, and post/sign/lockbox installations.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoSocial Media

Consistent social media content to keep you relevant on Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. We aid you in setting up and maintaining these accounts.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoCourier Services

Delivery and pickup of lockboxes, signs, and earnest deposit checks. We also can meet photographers at new listings.

In House Software:


We have developed an amazing Real Estate Lead Follow Up and Marketing software: SimpleRebl. All Brokers that sign up with us get the entire SimpleRebl product offering free of charge.

In addition to custom, purpose-built software, SimpleRebl also publishes articles on the subject of Real Estate such as:

  • As a real estate agent, your success depends not only on your people skills and property knowledge but also on your ability to communicate effectively. In today’s digital age, email has become a crucial tool for following up with clients and prospects. However, sending generic and impersonal emails can do more harm than good. To… Read […]
  • Intro: Making Sense of Analysis Paralysis We’ve all found ourselves standing at the crossroads of a multitude of choices. We then overthink our options until we’re stuck in a state of indecisiveness. Welcome to the world of analysis paralysis, a phenomenon that’s all too familiar in our professional journeys.  Analysis paralysis, also known as paralysis… Read […]
  • Personal Follow-up in Real Estate: The Key to Success Let’s explore why personal follow-up in real estate is crucial for closing deals and how SimpleRebl can help you streamline the process. If you want to succeed as a real estate agent, it’s essential to maintain strong relationships with your past clients, prospects, and biggest fans.… Read […]

Downtown Vancouver Office

We partnered with Colab in Downtown Vancouver to grant our Brokers the most amazing office space in the entire metro area. Enjoy an open and fun environment with beautiful accents, awesome conference rooms, and of course, free local coffee and snacks!

Meet the Team

Matt Kachevas

Managing Broker/Owner at Kachevas Real Estate

First practicing Real Estate in 2004, Matt has years of experience covering multiple property types as well as multiple geographic areas. Along with extensive experience in Real Estate, Matt has run multiple technology companies and has a degree in Engineering with extensive experience in software development.

Matt resides in Camas, WA with his wife and 5 amazing children, including a brand new baby! Serving his family and community is his motivation in all things.

Matt Kachevas
(480) 323-6803

Rachael Kachevas

Owner at Kachevas Real Estate

Rachael has extensive business and finance experience ranging from the Oil and Gas industry all the way to the Real Estate industry. She has taken 2 companies from concept to worldwide distribution.

Rachael loves spending time with her family, baking, and working on her small farm!

Rachael Kachevas
(480) 205-6615

Kendall Hanson

Broker Admin at Kachevas Real Estate

Kendall first met Matt when he helped her and her husband buy their first home in 2017. Kendall was extremely impressed with the service, low pressure, and comfortable atmosphere that Matt provided. She was inspired to become a realtor and joined Kachevas Real Estate in 2019, to begin mentoring under Matt. Today, she is licensed in both Washington and Oregon and provides support to Kachevas Real Estate Brokers.

Kendall lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband and chocolate lab, Osa. She enjoys being active, exploring the PNW, going on dog walks, and working on home projects.

Kendall Hanson
(971) 275-4634

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