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Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver Washington is the fourth largest city in Washington State and the largest city in Clark County. Although not in Oregon, Vancouver is considered the largest suburb of Portland as it is directly adjacent to Portland separated by the Columbia River. The communities of Ridgefield and Battle Ground can be found to the North of Vancouver and the communities of Camas and Washougal to the East.

Vancouver is rich in history with its role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the early establishment of Fort Vancouver as a fur trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company. For a short period Vancouver was the Capital of the Washington Territory.

The population of Vancouver has exploded with a current estimate of about 195,000 residents. The Vancouver Real Estate market has been booming due to multiple factors such as the affordability of homes compared to the nearby large cities of Portland and Seattle. In addition, the mild climate of Washington State is very desirable despite the large number of rainy days. Also, Vancouver is very attractive to Oregon residents as Washington does not have any State income tax. These factors and others have led to the large influx of new residents which is fueling the Vancouver Real Estate market.

The most current excitement in Vancouver is the Waterfront. Vancouver’s Waterfront is located on the Columbia River just West of the I-5 bridge. As the centerpiece of the Vancouver metropolitan area, the Waterfront comprises 32 acres of Vancouver Real Estate. There is a mix of commercial offices, restaurants, residences, walking/biking baths, a splash pad and soon a boutique hotel.

As the city continues to grow, the Vancouver Real Estate market should continue to flourish. Don’t hesitate to reach out to local Vancouver Realtor Matt Kachevas as he has extensive knowledge on the subject.

Vancouver Quick Info:

Area: 52.45 square miles
Population (estimated): 195,000
Area Code: 360
State Size Ranking: 4th Largest City
US Size Ranking: 138th Largest City

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