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The All-Inclusive Brokerage

The all-inclusive real estate brokerage assisting you in creating a great life and business.

Close more deals and reclaim your life at Kachevas Real Estate. Focus on clients and rapidly generate new business while your team at Kachevas Real Estate handles everything else.

How we help you grow your business:

Kachevas Real Estate LogoMarketing and Database

Total CRM management with consistent emails sent to your database keeping you top of mind. Professional headshots, custom listing signs, and business cards are all included.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoTransaction Team

Complete transaction support from start to finish including client nurturing, compliance, timeline management, and post/sign/lockbox installations.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoSocial Media

Consistent social media content to keep you relevant on Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. We aid you in setting up and maintaining these accounts.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoCourier Services

Delivery and pickup of lockboxes, signs, and earnest deposit checks. We also can meet photographers at new listings.

More Details:

Kachevas Real Estate has been designed to help you grow your business.

Once your business grows to a certain point time can become scarce. The time you previously spent on contact nurturing and lead generation is now spent on things like compliance, paperwork, driving lockboxes around, and posting your new listings on social media. Often the prospect of hiring an assistant is scary and can also be a large financial and time investment. We care of this for you. Our team is your team. We do your transaction coordination, handle your contact nurturing, take care of the driving around, and post to your social media accounts.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoTransaction Coordination

Full service transaction coordination for both Listings and Purchases. We include everything so nothing fall through the cracks.

  • Timelines and contact info sent to all parties
  • Important dates maintained
  • All documents checked and verified
  • Documents uploaded for compliance
  • Earnest deposits verified
  • RMLS listing created
  • Exhibit A ordered
  • Lockbox installation and pickup
  • *Sign post ordered up and down
  • *Custom listing sign installed
  • *Lockbox installed
  • Photos ordered
  • RMLS status changes
  • Inspections confirmed
  • Commission demand created
  • At the end of your transactions we also make sure that contacts and closing dates have been entered into Chime (your CRM) and we apply the appropriate Buyer or Seller follow up plan.

* We cover cost of the custom listing sign, sign post and lockbox!

Kachevas Real Estate LogoMarketing and Design

We take care of some of the most common marketing and design tasks for you. These items are at no cost to you:

Market Conditions eBlast: We author and email to all of your contacts a local market conditions report monthly that is current and unique.

Custom Listing Signs: We design and order a custom listing sign for each of your new listings with photos of the property!

Professional Agent Photos: We send you to a professional photographer to produce images of you to use in your marketing.

Listing Presentation Design: We work with you to create a custom listing presentation template.

Custom Email Signature: If you don’t have one already we create a custom email signature for you.

Business Cards: We custom design your business cards and order/reorder them for you whenever needed.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoSocial Media

Keeping up with social media can be tedious and time-consuming. However, in today’s world, it is extremely important to keep current on social media as potential clients use social media activity as a way to vet you. It also helps your current contacts what you are up to (and that you are still relevant).

We do the following for you on Social Media:

  • Post your listings and sales on Facebook
  • Post your listings and sales on Instagram
  • Post your listings and sales on Google
  • Post a local market snapshot on Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Set up your Facebook and Instagram Accounts
  • Set up your Google My Business Account

Kachevas Real Estate LogoCourier Services

Having to drive an hour to pick up a sign or drop off a lockbox is a very low dollar per hour task. Let us handle some of these tasks for you.

  • Lock box installation
  • Lock box removal
  • Listing sign pickup and installation
  • Meet photographer at property for listing photos
  • Pick up and deliver Earnest Money to escrow


To fulfill our mission of providing an environment for the continued and future success of our Real Estate Brokers we must select amazing tools. Instead of attempting to create our own we have entered into relationships with some of the best providers in the marketplace and are able to offer industry-leading solutions to all of our agents.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoChime

Chime is the ultimate marketing and lead generation tool and perhaps the greatest of our tech offering. Chime is extremely easy to use. Here is a list of just some of Chime’s features:

  • Complete CRM system
  • Automated texting to leads
  • Automated follow up plans
  • Personalized IDX website
  • Automated property searches
  • Integrates with many lead sources
  • Mobile app
  • Integrated Social Media ad options

These are just a few of Chime’s amazing features. Visit chime.me for more info.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoCloud CMA

Stand out with Amazing listing presentations and CMAs with Cloud CMA. Create modern and beautiful CMAs for use on any device or in print. Cloud CMA features include:

  • Unlimited CMAs, buyer tours, and property reports
  • Send comps directly from MLS to Cloud CMA
  • Create/Edit beautiful and custom templates
  • Quick and easy presentation preparation
  • Present live with an interactive virtual CMA

For more details on Cloud CMA visit their website at cloudcma.com.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoOpenRebl

OpenRebl Pro is a new type of Open House registration system. With OpenRebl you’ll never have to ask for a visitor’s contact info without being able to offer something in return. Take your visitor’s contact info and OpenRebl will then instantly text or email your visitor a property website, virtual tour, list of nearby properties, or any link/website that you have to offer.

OpenRebl will also connect directly with Chime to drop your open house leads directly info your CRM’s automated follow up plans.

Find out more about OpenRebl here.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoSkySlope

SkySlope is the ultimate in paperwork management. SkySlope saves you time by making transaction paperwork and compliance simple. It keeps form creation, transaction management, and compliance in one place. SkySlope offers the following and more:

  • Easy to use forms software
  • Simple eSigning
  • All State and MLS Forms
  • Document templates
  • Task templates
  • Mobile app
  • Transaction Management and Compliance

For more details on SkySlope visit their website at skyslope.com.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoZipForm Transactions

Transactions (ZipForm Edition) with full access to all State and Association forms. This upgraded version over the NAR Member Benefit includes integrated eSignatures in a simple to use interface.

Find out more about ZipForms here.


In addition to our featured tools, we offer many unique items for all of our brokers.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoAuto Follow Up

We send a monthly market report to everyone in your database coming directly from you.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoKnowledge Base

We host a collection of training videos on bread and butter concepts as well as advanced lead generation techniques. Also included are local topics including important legal and forms changes.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoSupport

We offer support for both Broker and Technical issues. We are here to help you set up your systems as well.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoLive Classes

Live classes hosted regularly on topics that are pertinent to education, market conditions, lead generation, and company info.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoListing Signs

Your first 2 listing signs included. Choose either a generic sign or a property-specific sign. We will handle the design and printing or you can supply your own design.

Kachevas Real Estate LogoBusiness Cards

Your first set of 50 business cards is on us. We order the highest quality business cards from Moo.com.


We offer a hugely rewarding referral program that is not tied to company income, company profit, or the referral’s performance.

If you refer a great Broker to us who ends up moving their license to Kachevas Real Estate we will credit you $50 per month, EVERY MONTH as long as you both are still with Kachevas Real Estate. With just a few referrals you can completely eliminate your monthly fees. If you refer 10 Brokers to us you will be bringing in an extra $6,000 per year.

Learn more with a one-on-one call

Find out how Kachevas Real Estate can help you to close more transactions while freeing up time to invest in yourself and your personal life.